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Chronological List of Minglewood Bands

Matt Minglewood started his musical career playing organ in a band called The Rockin' Saints. The year was 1966 and he was known at that time by his real name Roy Batherson. Band members in the Saints were: Jimmie Hiscock - vocals, Cyril MacDonald - drums, Gary Philippo - bass Ike Keating - guitar replaced by Billy Drake and Roy Batherson - organ & vocals (Roy's name was yet to change to Matt Minglewood) One day while riding his horse from Balls Creek to North Sydney, where he grew up, Sam Moon and Diego Gunn, and Ike Keating drove by hollering out the window "There's Matt Minglewood". The name stuck and he soon teamed up with these guys to form
'Sam Moon, Matt Minglewood & The Universal Power"
The year was 1969 Band members were: Sam Moon - vocals, Billy 'Rufus' Drake - guitar, Joey Bennett - sax, congas & fiddle, Jinx O'Neil - bass, Diego Gunn - drums replaced by Albert Risk, who was replaced by Jimmie Malcolm and Roy Batherson who was now known as Matt Minglewood - organ, vocals Next followed a short stint with the band
as a lead singer ......no guitar or organ! Members were Timmy Garrigan - drums & vocals , Bob Quinn - organ ,Chris - bass , Jimmy White - guitar and Matt Minglewood - vocals Next Matt formed a short lived band called
'Cold Duck'
Band members were: Stephie Russell - bass, Gordie Thomas - vocals, Gordie - drums, Gary Hiltz - guitar and Matt Minglewood - organ, guitar & vocals Matt at this time was calling Halifax his home and teamed up with Sam Moon once again to form
Moon Minglewood:
Members were Sam Moon - vocals, Billy 'Rufus Drake - guitar replaced by Neil Harnett in 1974 when the band lived in Vancouver, Geoff Waddington - bass replaced by Tom Goldie in 1974 when the band lived in Vancouver, Ian MacMillan - drums - replaced by Bob Woods in 1974 when the band moved from Vancouver to Nfld Marcel Doucet - fiddle and Matt Minglewood - guitar, organ & vocals Matt and Sam decided to go their separate musical ways but remained best friends and still are to this day. At this time Matt formed
Minglewood Band:
The year was 1975! Members were: Bob Woods - drums, Wade Brown - guitar, Rufus Drake, then Mark MacMillan, who was replaced by George Antoniak, Donnie Hann - bass , and Matt Minglewood - guitar, organ & vocals. In 1975 Enver Sampson was added on harp and 1977 Paul Dunn was added on keyboards In 1984-85 Matt took some time off to contemplate what direction he wanted to take. He then started up as
Matt Minglewood Band
Band members included: Bob Woods - drums later replaced by Gary Pacquin for a short stint, Neil Robertson - drums, Roly Platt - harp, Donnie Hann - bass,, Matt Minglewood - guitar, organ & vocals, These various keyboard players played with Matt: Doris Mason, Ross Billard, and Bill McAullay

Current Matt Minglewood Band- 2023

Moon McInnis - drums/vocals
Nick McInnis -lead guitar/vocals
Donnie Hann - bass/vocals
Matt Minglewood - guitar/vocals
Jeff Stapleton - keyboards/vocals